Alfa Romeo reveals car child seat confusion

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Alfa Romeo and Mamas & Papas have revealed that parents are relying on friends and family rather than experts to get advice on car child seats – and more than half have never been shown how to correctly install their child’s car seat.

The surprise new findings come despite 80% of new parents admitting their driving behaviour has changed as a result of having a child.

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Nearly two thirds of parents don’t even know different child seats are available for different types of car – despite the safety compromises that come from fitting the wrong seat to your car.

Instead, one in 10 choose on price alone, regardless of whether it actually fits their car or not.

Alfa Romeo has stepped in to help here. To coincide with national Road Safety Week, it is running the ‘SAFER SEAT’ initiative, in conjunction with Mamas & Papas and Which?. This is based around a guide that, step by step, helps new parents choose the correct seat for their child.

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