California Police to Focus on Seatbelt Violations in June

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Livermore police provide vehicle safety tips.

The Livermore Police Department will be focusing traffic enforcement efforts during the month of June on occupant protection violations. Officers will be looking for drivers and passengers who are not properly restrained in their vehicles. Even though Livermore’s last seatbelt use rate was 99 percent, we still issued 1,288 seat belt citations and 96 car seat citations in 2011. LPD still continues to investigate injury collisions in town where we find that drivers, and or passengers, have been injured due to not being properly restrained in their vehicle.

The Livermore Police Department hopes that by continually educating the public on the importance of being properly restrained while traveling in a motor vehicle we can reduce the number of injuries and deaths resulting from traffic collisions in our community.

Did you know the number one killer of children, teens and adults are motor vehicle crashes? The Livermore Police Department would like to provide the following helpful tips to keep you and your family safe in a vehicle.

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