Car seat safety stressed after fatal crash

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When it comes to child safety seats, some degrees of negligence are easier to spot than others. A young Columbus woman recently received a stack of citations for driving five small children around without a single car seat, a violation as blatant as the illegal paper tag on her vehicle.

“It just draws your attention when you see a kid jumping on the backseat or kind of peeking over the window,” said Officer Michael L. Peyton, of the Columbus Police Department. “That’s not normal.”

A greater challenge, for police and civilians alike, is recognizing the improper use of car seats and boosters before it factors into a crash. Even well-intending parents are prone to critical error when strapping their children in, a pervasive ignorance that frustrates authorities in cases of preventable death.

Police say a recent rush-hour crash that killed three people in Columbus illustrates the importance of finding the right fit. A 2-year-old girl might have survived the head-on collision on Double Churches Road had she been riding in a seat more appropriate for her size, investigators determined.