Child, 3, dies of suffocation in father’s car

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Kalba A three-year-old Emirati boy died on Saturday evening after his family forgot him in the car for almost four hours.

The incident happened in front of the child’s house in Kalba.

The child was buried at the Kalba graveyard two hours after being pronounced dead.

A police official told Gulf News that the family went out in the car and returned at 3pm. The father and the rest of the family got out of the car after parking it inside the garage, forgetting the child in the back seat.

It was only four hours after returning home that the family realised that the child was missing, A frantic search ensued that ended with the child being discovered lying motionless in the car.

The child was pronounced dead at the site of the incident, the official said.

“The child suffocated due to the high temperature inside and outside the car,” the official explained.

Police have ruled out foul play in the incident.

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