Children’s car seats still a rarity in China

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Experts call for laws mandating use of devices to save lives

Millions of Chinese parents are putting their children’s lives in danger by not using child car seats, safety experts and industry insiders warn.

China had 114 million automobiles on the road by the end of June, and 76 percent of them were private cars, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

One expert’s “optimistic” estimate put the number of child car seats in daily use at just 800,000.

“It’s just impossible only 1 percent of families with a car have children,” said Liang Mei, executive vice-president of the China Toy and Juvenile Products Association.

She said it is more likely the public ignores the safety seats even though they are effective in protecting youngsters in car accidents.

The association advises Chinese families to use car seats – of appropriate sizes – for children up to age 12.

“It’s common to see a newborn baby in a safety seat the first time it is taken in a car in the US and some European countries,” Liang said. “But only a few parents have such safety awareness in China.”

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