Emirati helps develop seat belt that can protect unborn children

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An Emirati researcher has helped to develop a revolutionary car seat belt harness for pregnant women that protects the unborn child in a traffic accident.

Mostafa Al Dah, a traffic-safety researcher at Loughborough University in England, was part of a 10-year project to design the harness.

SeatBeltPlus won an enterprise award at the university and now needs further funding to enter mass production.

“Only a very small number of pregnant women wear a seat belt as it should be worn,” said Mr Al Dah, from Dubai.

“If the belt is worn above the hip bone, during an accident it can seriously damage the placenta.”

Research published by the University of Michigan in 2008 found that 200 foetuses a year in the United States would be saved if women wore seat belts properly. Carkoon by Julian Preston-Powers with AirShield Technology

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