Seatbelts Save Lives – Lancashire Case Study

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Almost a quarter of all the people who died on Lancashire’s roads in the last two years were not wearing their seatbelts, according to figures released today by Safer Lancashire.

That is the shocking truth behind a new road safety campaign aimed at reminding people in Lancashire about the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

The new campaign, organised by Safer Lancashire, uses the real story of Rick Pilkington to drive home its message.

Samlesbury resident Rick walked away from a major accident on the M6, as he was wearing his seatbelt – but the story could have been very different.

Only a month earlier, he had been stopped by a police officer for not wearing a seat belt which Rick believes saved his life: “I was stopped by PC Dave Dunn. He gave me a £60 fine, but he also spoke to me about my actions. Through his personality and approach, he persuaded me to change my ways.

“Just four weeks later, I was involved in an accident on the M6 involving my van and an articulated lorry. The van flipped, jumped the hard shoulder and rolled onto its side.

“Amazingly, as I crawled out through the wrecked windscreen, the person that greeted me was PC Dunn. Quite simply, without wearing my seatbelt I wouldn’t be here today.”

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