Carkoon® Unique Safety Points

Carkoon rotates

Carkoon® rotates

Turn your child round so they face you to fasten their belt

Carkoon rear facing

Carkoon® Rear facing

The safest method for any child up to 4 years old to travel

Carkoon kevlar airbag material

Carkoon® Kevlar AirShield Material

Fire resistant and activated in 50 milliseconds

Carkoon easy release handle

Carkoon® Easy Release Handle

Get your child out quickly and easily in an emergency

Carkoon emergency beacon transmitter

Carkoon® Emergency Beacon Transmitter

GPS automatically alerts the emergency services to your location

Carkoon ISOFIX

Carkoon® ISOFIX

The easiest way to fit any modern car seat securely

Carkoon seatbelt fitting

Carkoon® Seatbelt Fitting

Carkoon can also be fitted using traditional seatbelt methods

Carkoon D30 material

Carkoon® D30 Material

D30 actively absorbs impact forces