Carkoon® – When safe is just not safe enough by Jullian Preston-Powers –

Parents will soon be able to make the choice between a regular child car seat and Carkoon®, with the ability to offer an extra layer of protection. Implementing the latest in Airbag technology, the Carkoon® by Julian Preston-Powers –  a baby seat that is the only child car seat that activates extra protection for your child upon impact.

With our rapidly advancing motor industry, cars are becoming faster and further advanced in their safety aspects, but car seats are not moving at the same pace – until now. Carkoon®detects an impact, the severity of the impact, and deploys our active airbag technology – literally ‘cocooning’ your child in their seat. Offering an extra level of protection, unheard of before in baby car seats, Carkoon® is set to revolutionise the industry by raising the bar. 

The Carkoon® car seat is aimed at protecting your child but also making your life easier – with the click of one handle you will be able to swivel Carkoon® round, allowing you to place your baby in with him or her facing you. It couldn’t be easier, and then turn the car seat round into the rear facing position and it secures in place. No more struggling, and no more two handed operations – we know how difficult this is. 

Carkoon® is a University based life saving company.

Carkoon® – The ultimate in-car baby seat protection

carkoon with airbag deployed