Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard airbags and babies don’t mix, is this true?

Carkoon® should never be used in the front seat of a vehicle if the passenger airbag has not been disabled – this is the number one cause for children being seriously injured as a direct result of airbags. We all know that airbags are there to save us in an accident and not harm us, that is exactly what Carkoon® does.

It doesn’t touch your child, but surround him or her in the event of an accident to offer them the ultimate protection.

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What happens if I have an accident, can I get my child out quickly?

Carkoon® has a handle which also acts as a ‘quick release’ meaning that the seat with your child can be disconnected from the base rapidly and easily, this means that no only can you get your child out quickly in the event of an accident – but emergency services will also be able to quickly identify how to get your child out. This is important as all car seats vary.

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How will I know if it’s installed correctly?

Using the ISOFIX system, user feedback allows you to see with a colour change if your Carkoon® baby car seat is secure.

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Car seats are difficult to install, is this one?

Some statistics say that up to 90% of car seats on the road today are incorrectly fitted. We don’t know if that is the case, but what we do know is that Carkoon® shouldn’t be one of them. With the introduction of ISOFIX systems in most modern cars, installing Carkoon® correctly will be simple. For people with cars that are pre ISOFIX, seat belt methods can still be used with clear instructions.

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Why is rear facing so important?

It’s simple; your child is very vulnerable – especially when travelling in any vehicle. If your child is front facing and involved in a collision, it puts huge pressures on their head, back and neck areas. These areas are still developing; exerting this sort of force could be fatal.

Rear facing car seats mean that any forces put on your child are spread over a greater surface area, namely the back of the car seat.

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Another child car seat, what’s different with this one?

Carkoon™ is not just a child car seat; it’s a child car seat with a difference, in fact – a few differences. Active airbag technology deploys in the event of an accident, ‘cocooning’ your child – protecting him or her from any flying objects in the car, debris and even fire. When your vehicle is involved in an accident, the vehicle stops but any belongings or objects in the vehicle continue to travel at that speed, Carkoon™ makes sure that none of this touches your child.

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Apart from the airbag what other safety features can we expect?

Carkoon™ offers the very best protection for your child. Featuring a side impact protection system, that actually absorbs impact forces, you can be sure your child has the best possible protection here. Our airbag is manufactured using high quality fire retardant Kevlar material, ensuring that, in the unlikely event of an accident involving fire – your child is protected. 

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What is EBT and how does it work?

EBT stands for Emergency Beacon Transmitter. In the event of an accident, the EBT sends a message to the emergency services alerting them to the situation, and that there is a baby on board, giving them your exact GPS coordinates so they can find you quickly and easily.

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I can’t see my child if he/she is rear facing, how will I know they are okay?

We understand seeing your child is important while travelling, but we also understand that keeping your child rear facing for as long as possible is also very important. Your child should remain rear facing as long as possible, we recommend up to the age of four. Carkoon® comes with a small mirror that you will be able to attach to your rear windscreen, allowing you to see your child through your own mirror and for them to see you.

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